, establised 1997

The Four Fours

Derby,DERBYSHIRE,United Kingdom

Twitter: @thefourfours

We’re The Four Fours, an alternative rock trio from hilly Derbyshire in the UK.

How would we describe our sound? Very to the point. We’re certainly not Prog. It’s kind of crunchy, but smooth and drivey too. We reckon it’s ridiculously catchy, but that’s not really for us to say.

Matt and Chris, our singer and guitarists respectively, met at school jamming together in dusty music rooms with smashed up classical guitars… fingers bleeding… voices breaking. We’ve known our drummer Rich nearly as long.

We’re previously members of math rock wonder-band You Slut! (you can find them on Spotify). We’re definitely not math rock now, but elements of it flavour our current sound… like icing on the cake. That’s why we’re The Four Fours as opposed to The Five Eights. We rock, but we aim to be a poppy as hell too. We think that’s a fab combination.

Chris writes the music. He demos the ideas in his home studio and emails them to Matt because Matt lives in Essex. Matt’s a dead good singer and his voice suits the music. He writes the words, it’s all stuff about love and sci-fi and is quite existential on the whole, he then sends these ideas back to Chris. Ideas zip backwards and forwards in this manner as they develop, then Chris decides we need an even more epic sounding chorus for maximum impact. We love a stunning chorus. Finally, we meet up in Derby to record at Rich’s studio. Rich engineers our stuff like a wizard while we have very polite arguments over production.

It’s a somewhat unique approach that births cracking songs way better than any of us could have come up with on our own. We’re really happy doing this. It’s great fun. And we all agree that this is the best band we’ve ever been in.

Since we unleashed ‘Count to Ten’ in March, we’ve picked up radio play in the UK and US. With UN.sung Magazine’s UN.Radio closing out their 3rd of April show, Rocker’s Dive putting us on rotation, For Those of You about to Rock adding us to their playlist and Alternative Tracks listing us in their introducing section.

We’d love your support in whatever capacity you can offer.