, establised 1997

Q: Is my band name listed at

A: Yes, your band name registration has been transferred over to

Q: Do I have two accounts to manage?

A: No, all of your information is now listed with

Q: What if I am registered with both and the Band Register?

A: If you had an account at both and the Band Register you will be able to mark one of your registrations as dormant. On your account page you will be able to select the band registration and edit the status.

Q: Why are there more than one registration of my band name listed? Who has rights to the name?

A: is an historical registry of name usage. Multiple registrations of the same name may exist, some may be passive and abandoned, what really matters is the date of the registration which can give you a record of "prior usage" of the name. A record of prior usage is an important factor in defending a claim; however this can be complicated when viewed within the context of an international claim. Each case has its own peculiarities which only a trademark lawyer can advise upon. Our role is to give a guide to name activity around the world and attempt to avoid such conflicts.

Q: How do I edit my band details?

A: Login at with your username and password. On your account page you will be able to select your band registration and edit your band details.

Q: Can I change my band name?

A: No, all band names are archived by their registration date to ensure the integrity of the data. However you may mark that name as dormant and register another name under your account.

Q: Do I need to update my information by logging in?

A: Yes. It is important that your details are up-to-date and that we know you are active and continuing to build good will around the bandname attributed to you. The Yearly Directory 2005-2006 monitors activity on your account and publishes active or passive status accordingly. This service is free of any charges.