, establised 1997

Joy Surrender

Guildford,United Kingdom

Joy Surrender is singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tristan Irvine’s solo project, a poignant mix of ethereal vocals, evocative lyrics and captivating melodies, infused with a cinematic quality capable of showing a powerful vulnerability that is hard to ignore.

Tristan Irvine made his debut as a composer and producer of instrumental electro-orchestral music under the name of “Fragments of Winter”. After successfully writing music for media, theatre and dance, releasing a number of works, and submitting for synchronisation to music licensing agencies, he is now taking his compositions to a new level of expression.

Joy Surrender marks a new chapter in Tristan’s career, as he takes on the role of the singer-songwriter, putting down his thoughts on paper, letting his voice take the spotlight. Right from the first note, it is clear Tristan yearns to invite the listener on a journey to a world of intimacy and inspiring melancholy.
Teasing out the intricate layers of synths and keyboards used in his instrumental music, he gives space to spellbinding vocal lines, flowing beautifully over a landscape of heart-rending piano harmonies and delicate, yet passionate, string arrangements.