, establised 1997

Sidow Sobrino - The World's No.1 Superstar

Riverside,CA,United States

Sidow Sobrino proudly announces the release of his latest album, "My Amir," a groundbreaking LP that showcases 11 original tracks filled with high-energy dance beats. Ten visually stunning music videos accompany the album, 8 of which have already been released, with three more slated for launch throughout 2024.

"My Amir" is a testament to resilience, creativity, and overcoming challenges. The pop icon’s husband, Richard Sidow-Sobrino, played a significant role in the album's creation. Richard contributed to writing and singing background vocals, bringing his exceptional acting skills to life by portraying various characters in music videos.

In a statement about the album, Sidow Sobrino shared, "This musical production represents overcoming challenges, especially during the difficult Hollywood Strike with the SAG-AFTRA Union and the AMPTP. We also address the painful times the music industry is currently undergoing, where streaming services often fall short in compensating creators' hard work and financial investments."

Richard Sidow Sobrino added, "I embrace the adventure of not giving up. It's about working mindfully in facing challenges, including strikes, wars, and society's resilience. 'My Amir' reflects our commitment to artistry and unwavering determination to continue creating despite the obstacles."

As a power couple in the entertainment industry, Sidow Sobrino and Richard Sidow-Sobrino have once again proven their ability to captivate audiences worldwide. "My Amir" is not just an album; it is a testament to the duo's unwavering dedication to their craft and resilience in adversity, hoping to inspire everyone to never give up on their goals no matter what they’re going through, overcoming the tests life throws at you is an opportunity to embrace one’s true calling and discipline to go above and beyond.

"My Amir" is an eclectic mix of genres, offering listeners a musical journey that transcends boundaries. The album and music videos are now available on the artist's official website at and all major streaming platforms worldwide.