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Sidow Sobrino - The World's No.1 Superstar

Riverside,CA,United States

The LP contains 30 Songs Commemorating The Icon's 24th Anniversary Recording And Releasing Music.

LONDON & MANHATTAN, N.Y. & MEXICO CITY & TOKYO, Japan - It's been since 1999 when Sidow Sobrino set foot on a stage and performed live for the first time. The singer had been looking for a record label and was promoting two songs, Llora Mi Corazon and Quema Quema. His music got played on radio stations in exchange for him to sing during local festivals in LA. He didn't receive a dime, but his exposure paid off. American Entertainment, a company from Dousman, Wisconsin, mass-produced copies of his CDs sold at events. In 2004, the label XEDF Musical signed him to a deal and his first LP. Quema Quema sold enough copies and got the industry's attention to be considered for 7 Latin Grammy nominations, including best artist and best album. Not winning didn't discourage him. He continued to work. Eleven albums later, his legacy continues to spread as one of the most determined human beings on earth.

"Showbiz is a beautiful industry." Explains Sidow Sobrino. "I love the magic when the fans connect with the material because inspiration comes from the ether. Out of nowhere, an idea pops into your head, and the masses celebrate that gift given to you. My career is a divine blessing from God. I keep moving forward regardless of the challenges and haters who get in my way because of his protection. My battle with bipolar disorder could have been the end of everything in my life, but here I am, 24 years later, still releasing music and conquering the eyes, ears, and hearts of many worldwide. I work with major film and TV studios next to Emmy award-winning stars but choose to remain an independent artist because I have the freedom to create. I travel around the world filming. I have my own production company, and the best part is working with my husband and best friend, Richard Sidow-Sobrino. Life keeps improving with every breath when you don't give up." Concluded the singer.

Tunes from I'm Obsessed With You, an album where Richard Sidow-Sobrino sings background vocals, are also a part of this anthology. Richard adds, "I am honored to be a part of this production. My husband's legacy spans decades, and to have my vocals added to this masterpiece is beyond words. Sidow Sobrino's music has had an impact in so many ways with so many fans. His outreach is global." The star's husband said, "This collection of thirty hit songs allows The World's No. 1 Superstar's mass following to stream all these hits on one unforgettable LP. It is a gift for his fans to enjoy forever. We're giving them what they want-more of Sidow Sobrino," Richard said.

Sugar Daddy, Number One, Spin & Dance are all songs included in the LP, along with We're In Paris, Sidow Sobrino's upcoming single and video being released on January 27th. Stream the Anthology of The World's No.1 Superstar on the star's official website, Qobuz in Europe, Wynk in New Delhi, India, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon & More.