, establised 1997

harlequins enigma


Harlequins enigma drops a New year album release in "water fall Flowers tall". the album consist of 18 tracks & has modern Dance Music & hiphop, beautiful New age tracks & also the odd eerie Electronic encounter. Harlequins enigma release this album via cdbaby. the album is available on itunes, Amazon, & googleplay for purchases. the 7digital store will follow. for streaming the album should be available now or any moment soon on Spotify, tidal, amazon Music & applemusic. the index for water fall Flowers tall is from their old & New database, the album is a heartfelt & fun combination that åge riisnes think is great, & should appeal to Young & old. the album cover was done by graphicboi at & the tracks are produced by åge riisnes. the masters are done via online mastering from different Sources. åge's father recently had a stroke & fell ill again in Christmas, åge wish him well & hope for recovery. åge also wish the world better times. though the cigarettes åge is smoking might kill him at his rate, he still holds on them. åge is alone & struggles With mental Health issues & has some condition in his body that resembles ehlers danlos syndrome. åge says this might be the common day for many, but hope a change in this matter will unfold & let life be lived the way it is supposed to. åge wishes his fans family & friends / lovers happy new year, & many thanx to special guests sara jensen, klaus schulze, elin berge & jochen hippel who appear on the album.