, establised 1997


Omaha,NE,United States

Is an American Original hard rock band formed in
Late 2019 in Omaha,Ne.
The band brings some of the best talent northeast Nebraska and beyond has to offer.
have many years of experience rocking stages all over the country. The band will be bringing powerful songs,lyrics,and music
As well as one hell of a show to anyone who witnesses this powerful 5 piece musical revolution on a stage coming to you.
Members are as follows
On Lead Vocals
Jeremy Thompson.
Thompson has been
Dishing out his brand
Of vocals for years and has been heard all over the world.
On Lead Guitar
Joe La Torre.
La Torre has been tearing up fretboarts and bending strings to the breaking point for years and melted thousands of faces along the way
On Rhythm Guitar
Ken Stovall.
Stovall has been laying down killer riffs and rythums and supplying
The hooks and grooves since the way back.
On Bass guitar
Ronald Paul.
Paul has been bringing the boom and Ratting Foundations of venues all over the country for many years.
An last but not least
On Drums
Mike Goldsmith.
He has drums and can be friendly. He likes peas, can juggle, enjoys playing ping pong and struggles landing the perfect cartwheel.
This line up of heavy hitters and Mike is destined to be a force to be reckoned with!