, establised 1997

harlequins enigma


Harlequins enigma was unfortunate With their horus release of this one, & encountered a fraud gfx artist at - fiverr refunded them some cash & here they are With a re-release, new cd cover & a bonus track.
the album is a little different sounding & should be great now.
2019 air palette is hereby "catmint's" little sister. catmint was Harlequins enigma's first jazz release & was out some years back via zimbalam. the material is much crossover jazz & moods but do have the occasional regular old School jazz track as well. hope the world will enjoy Our 2 releases.
the tracks onboard air palette is a good mix of electronic jazz which fall also into funk & classical subgenres, the moods are delicate & special. ├ąge has much interest in catmint & air palette. if you have interest in jazz you can do worse then checking out these two albums. harlequins enigma & jazz is a little different at times, but many attempts remains as usual jazz pieces. they do stretch some of the tracks in new directions & they hope you will like their sound.

available on google, deezer, tidal & itunes, amazon. 7 digital will follow - spotify might after we take down the old release. happy hours to all! you may follow harlequins enigma on spotify facebook & twitter if you like them.