, establised 1997

Dr. Strange


Tall Doc Stranger is our first session and will have over 30 songs available. We hope to make these available by open source means. Donate and we'll send you by email our latest traks and maybe even live stream events.

This site is still in it's infancy and needs work, but other sites are working us over and we need an new venue. Stay tune.

The song 'Torture' on this album was recorded many years ago when we wrote it and features the voice talents of David Bowie and voice and guitar of George Harrison. We are a Beatles knock off group but you would not believe how real the members are. 3 songs were recorded 30 years ago but were never released because of the computer talents of it's members. "Dreamt" has the phrase...'the eyes of the cruise missile could make people see'. 30 years ago. hmmm

Stay tune for the REVOLUTION!!!!!
Peaceful Non-Cooperation.
Direct Democracy...Eliminate the vote!

This is a Great Band and is real.

Let's get real about freedom.

Love...The only sustainable solution.