, establised 1997


Atlanta,GA,United States

Paper Lights is a promising Atlanta DIY ambient duo who create cinematic, atmospheric indie music.

The duo is made up of Dan Snyder (vox,keys) and Cory Estes (guitars,vox), and regularly get help from various talented musicians from the Atlanta music scene.

This is the duo?s web debut, so don?t be surprised if they start popping up on other sites in the weeks to follow.

IRC has a long history, as some of you know, of breaking out new bands and artists that have not been featured on a major music site previously.

?The Reveal? ? Paper Lights from Paper Lights

?Empty Ocean? ? Paper Lights from Paper Lights

Previously, they have opened for Carl Dylan, and list their top influences as Jonsi, Copeland, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Thrice, and Mute Math.