, establised 1997

The Curious

Ruislip,United Kingdom

Yes, we know. We've missed them just as much as you have. When we first introduced The Curious; an Alternative band from London to you, we left you with our favorite 4 minute obsession, "She Said". In case you need a refresher, The Curios are a 5-piece Indie/Alternative Rock band from London made up of Dominic Smith [vocals], Sam Roberts [drums], Lewy Rutherford [guitar], James Cooper [guitar] and Alexander Dreyer-Nuti [bass]. Since forming in late 2014, the band have been playing shows around London and have recorded their first EP, Electric Sheep. Kicking Electric sheep off is "Gentleman" with an upbeat, youthful, indulgent tune that instantly mesmerizes you not so different from :She Said: but a greater improvement. City Lights, which the guys have released a video for, creates a visual world of possibilities and reflects the raw talent of indie music that this band displays thoroughly throughout their project. "Be with you" is a breath of fresh air when we are sometimes choked by the cloned monotone songs of today's generation. Something that definitely would have been inducted into the end of credits of a movie, this song fits perfectly for film placement. "Better than that" signifies the beginning of a chapter where these 5 musicians merge their own idiosyncrasies without compromising what they truly stand for by NOT letting hearsay get them down.

With the EP coming to an end, "Illusions" is the perfect closing which indulges your every fantasy of what a rewarding EP should sound like. It's basically like wrapping a modern day psych blanket around the sound of classic rock. And, Wow! The guitar solos throughout the EP by Lewy Rutherford and James Cooper deserves a Global award for KICK ASS GUITAR PLAYING. Dominic Smith's vocals one level yet layered sneaks into your gardens and paints all your white roses red. And absolutely can we NOT forget about Sam Roberts (Drums) & Alexander Dreyer-Nuti (Bass) who hold together all things dazzling and best! The added depth of dimension throughout each individual song let's you appreciate its sheer magisterial composition as a whole.