, establised 1997


United Kingdom

Liontribe was founded in 2011 when filmmakers Rodney Victor Williams and Ewan MacFarlan met in the camera department of Ray Cooney's film 'Run For Your Wife' (… Ewan and R. Victor realised they were both guitarist and had similar musical interest. After getting together and Jamming in late 2011 early 2012 the songs 'Lets Talk Again' and 'Revolution' (Then called Oxygen) were born.

Realising that they had something special they decided to continue on meeting up and jamming at least once a week… Coining a fusion style that was a mix of Reggae, Rock and Funk... but the team needed a drummer and a bassist to help them to complete their sound.

Later the team began to jam with the drummer - Richard DJ Platinum. Richard's reggae background proved to be the missing element of the puzzle as it related to the beat of the band… Later in 2012 the team met David… A Bass Guitarist whom was able to capture the soulful funky pulse of the band and play reggae bass the right way… David's creative and malleable ability to change between genres fluidly while maintaining the authenticity of the genre completed the band sound.

Liontribe's musical sound is an alchemy of reggae, rock and funk with hints of blues. The band's music is passionate, full of rhythm and groove and made for the dance floor.

Liontribe has taken older music genres and made their own sound trough finding a fusion style that was just RIGHT... - because of this particular musical alchemy the band is trans-generation and current at the same time.