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harlequins enigma


Growing young is a 2017 based full album from harlequins enigma, who fights his up & down psyche & muscle illness with some new beats & melodies with help from sara jensen, katie leung & klaus schulze. Off the 11 track index harlequins enigma must send greetings to vangelis, brian eno, trine, rosa & jean michel jarre plus also his family for a helping hand with great inspiration. An ep was first released by harlequins enigma based on some of the material. They later decided to do a full album since they almost had the material at the time.

The tattering norm is a new age/dance mix, which was released just about the time at the #manchester incident, & takes up a sad issue about the world norm, that is fading. Fruit circle is a jazz/newage/forest track that draws inspiration from mike oldfield, vangelis, enya & more, & is a fresh summerly warm track. Fighting traffic lights is a modern ambient track with dance elements. It involves several modern angles throughout the mix & is a bit funky & fresh. Car sounds and a vocal completes the track. Estranged youth is a minimalistic journey using organ & veela vox throughout the mix with melodic synths & an honest human perspective. Captain one eyed owl & the 3 legged cat is a dance mix inspired by jean michel jarre, with strong elements of pure joy. The track has a nice beat & is full of gorgeous synths feat. Sara jensen & katie leung. Vortex is a classical new age mix, which might appeal to a classical audience, but may be discouraged if you are not into modern new age material. Mental floss at owl hoot station is pure electronica in tangerine dream style feat. Klaus schulze himself. Dark aqua remix is a soundtrack based on dangers in the ocean & delivers gorgeous atmospheric organs & eerie effects throughout the mix. Outcast is ethnic based with choirs & flute which makes a great mix of aesthetic landscapes feat. Sara jensen. Growing young was made with actors for the dialog & goes synchronously along with the background music which is an album treat. The 11 track album is solid & should not be missed. The tattering norm was mastered at tailor made mastering. Fruit circle was mastered at creative audioworks. Åge riisnes had something to do with the fighting traffic light master & also the master of captain owl & the 3 legged cat, first mixed at fiverr by dietfried. Estranged youth was mastered by josh benzin. Dark aqua mix was mastered by music guy mastering. Mental floss at owl hoot station was mastered by josh benzin. Vortex was mastered by - growing young was mastered by diamond disc audio. Outcast was mastered by josh benzin. The single version of the tattering norm was partially mastered by rob kleiner.

Harlequins enigma's åge riisnes is bruised & tired. Viewing his health status it looks like he could wind up in a wheel chair sleeping, if the trend is allowed to keep going. He has complained alot about hacking in his mind. He has developed something that resembles me, muscle syndrome. He also under norvegian law is downpaying some debt he made in 2013, leaving little room for releases economically as well as healthbased. Harlequins enigma owner åge riisnes would like to thank everyone that is involved on the album in 2017, & wish them all well. Be sure to check out the growing young album & follow harlequins enigma`s journey in sound on various stream sites around the globe, as the new 2017 material gets stronger, just like fine wine by the years. Harlequins enigma`s albums may be purchased on itunes, amazon, google play, microsoft groove, juno & bandcamp. There are also some examples available at beatport.