, establised 1997

Analogue Bipolar Boy

Hornchurch,ESSEX,United Kingdom
Swap your suit for more comfortable clothes, wear your black hoodie and put on your red Rebook baskets, 'cause you're expected on the dancefloor for some breakin' and freakin' figures!
Second physical EP from enigmatic Analogue Bipolar Boy, "Into Darkness EP" appears as an ode to the authentic Rave spirit. Follow up to the highly recommended "Tales From An Analogue Graveyard EP" released last year on Acid Night label, this irresistible invitation to go way back into time, in the early 90's when a young guy called Aphex Twin was emerging through the worldwide Electronic scene with its psychopathic style, sees the London wizard Colin Q. Smith diving New Flesh Records into six Acid Electro stormers of high level.

Unearthly "Into Darkness Theme" opens the A side with an ambient song based upon sinister synth arpeggios, intricate voices from the depths of Space and a gloomy atmosphere giving the tone of the whole EP. Don't even try to escape as menacing Aliens won't leave the blue planet until they have searched and destroyed your small existence as insects would have been smashed by a human!

"MDMA" coming next starts off the real hostilities with an aggressive Old School-Acid-Industrial slaughter in Bipolar's typical trademark. After a short vocal definition to what MDMA means, the jam unleashes bass like never before, while analogue modulations and untouchable 303 loops quickly settle. No doubt you won't resist this brainwashing experiment!
"Entangled", my favorite instantly following, delivers another milestone of a truculent acid assault with its straight to the point rhythm, disturbing vocals ("I'm tired of Earth, these people"), mind blowing beats and vintage synth laments in AFX vein. Merciless just like the hostile creatures after you!
The flipside kicks off with the title track. Energizing "Into Darkness" serves up the right amount of sub bass, percussive beats and disruptive distortions to put you in a circle. Colin performs audio alchemy like a mad scientist, muting cold drums into warm robotic hammering, transforming electrical impulses into bubbling frequencies to control your soul. If you dare venture in at minute 2:40, clean your mind otherwise horrific species will manipulate it!
Fearsome "Sad Robot" coming next sounds like Judgement Day, as if a war machine, a terrific and uncontrolled meka was sent to Earth on a no-return mission to spread apocalypse. Brutal and brilliant at the same time!
Last cut "Rave Or Die (Outro)" sets a dark bridge between New Flesh Records and Umwelt's other label Rave Or Die. What a perfect conclusion as the track remains evil, analogue and redoubtable with musical tones locked into U.K. and Belgium influences from the glorious days of Rave. If you like Electro with epic, audacious and savage vibes, "Into Darkness" is definitively what you need. Illustrated by yours truly. Vital!