, establised 1997

harlequins enigma


back in glory days, harlequins enigma produced i bee ell u, a jazz/blues mix atmosphere feat. emma watson & katie leung. it has been held back for different reasons. åge is glad to share it finally, & loves it very much. harlequins enigma is not a dead project, but he is currently mending his spiritual side & seeks some relaxation & peace. he will not produce anything at the moment, but might be back sooner then you think, if he gets lucky with his mix of mana, stamina & health potions. website: - harlequins enigma`s work can be found on itunes, amazon, juno, emusic & other stores. stream harlequins enigma at deezer, spotify & tidal among others. thanx for summer - we welcome fall & enter darker times with samhain coming up soon. cheers all! -åge