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harlequins enigma


new from harlequins enigma is "time", a klaus schulze/harlequins enigma collection consisting of 9 tracks (two cats on pillow feat. schulze/katie leung), & appetite for oxygen feat. schulze/emma watson/sara jensen/elin berge & jan larsen timbrevig). all tracks are outside td sound 1 & td sound 2. many thanx to klaus who has been interested & supportive since 2008 when we first spoke. the album sells for $6.99 at the cd baby store. harlequins enigma is happy with the material on time & td sound 1 & td sound 2. it has been a rich experience working woth schulze, also edgar & jerome when harlequins enigma had the pleasure of working with them also.

1. appetite for oxygen (feat. Klaus Schulze, sara jensen, emma watson, elin berge & jan larsen timebrevig
2. dark light (feat. Klaus Schulze)
3. f-type 2 (feat. klaus schulze)
4. firebird (feat. klaus schulze)
5. nicaragua canal (feat. Klaus Schulze)
6. relief escort (feat. klaus schulze)
7. skeleton crew (extended version) [feat. Klaus Schulze]
8. two cats on pillow (feat. Klaus Schulze & Katie Leung)
9. young mogul & the alien queen (ender) [feat. Klaus Schulze]

the long road re-release is now out on cdbaby, itunes, amazon, spotify deezer & google.

the long road was an album out early in harlequins enigma`s carreer. it has now been made public again, after it was taken down due to a dispute. genre for the album is pop/piano & easy listening/soft rock.

1. the long road part 1 - beginning part (the alchemy of the piano molecule`s crush on mr obey
2. the long road part 2 - memory part
3. the long road part 3 - love part (boy loves girl) [feat. sara jensen & elin berge]
4. the long road part 4 - power part (daddy)
5. the long road part 5 - end part (night)

artwork for the album was made by by eric zendejas, which is utterly stunning!

├ąge promises quality work on both albums & greets fans, friends & family.